Zidane: No Ramos-Ronaldo issue

Zinedine Zidane insists there are no problems between Real Madrid stalwarts Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo ahead of the Derbi against Atletico.

Reports over the past week suggested there were growing tensions between Ramos and Ronaldo, to the extent that the Portuguese was considering leaving Madrid again next summer.

However, Zidane said at a Press conference for Saturday’s showdown: “I have two players who are in the history in this club.

“They know what we’re playing for and respect each other very much. Atleti? They’ll be prepared for this clash.

“It’s going to be a very, hotly-contested match. We’re playing away from home, at a new venue for us.

“I hope to see a good match. We don’t want to trip up and we want to do the best we can.

“We’re ready to have a good game and we want to do it. We have to play at our best for 90 minutes.

“Modric and Carvajal? Both are in the squad, Luka had a bit of the shakes, but Dani has been ready for some time.

“He wasn’t with the Spain team because it was better for him to stay here and work.

“The team are fine. We’re still missing a few players, but gradually we’ll have everyone back.

“We’ve arrived well for the derby. We know the importance of this game because it’s important, as it always is.

“For the outsiders, it’s also special, but for me there’s three points up for grabs and we have to try to win the game.

“Benzema and Ronaldo? It’ll be a good match for them to start scoring again. Favourites? Neither of us are. What we want to do is win, as do our opponents.

“We both want to see a good game of football and we have the same number of points as each other.

“Neymar? I only think about my own players. He’s very good, but I have the best players in the world already here. I won’t talk about a player that isn’t mine.”

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