Joaquin to continue ‘as long as possible’

Joaquin is enjoying football ‘more than ever before’ and wants to continue his playing career for ‘as long as my body allows me’.

Reports earlier this month suggested the 36-year-old was on the verge of extending his contract with the club until June 2020, which will take him past his 39th birthday.

“My aim is to continue playing for as long as my body allows me to,” Joaquin told an interview with Marca.

“Of course I want to extend my career as much as possible – I should try to take advantage of this moment of good form!

“I have to be fit, not just in terms of playing at this level of football but also for training and for influencing others – we all must keep a high level.

“Right now I’m enjoying the every moment; it’s great to be involved in so many matches and in training, while the atmosphere in the dressing room is fantastic.

“Our form at the moment makes things easier and we want to continue this for as long as possible to meet our expectations for the season.

“I feel more involved with Betis than ever before.”

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