Valencia blame club’s ‘fake fans’

Valencia have released a strongly-worded statement blaming ‘fake fans’ for unrest since Meriton took over the club in 2014.

Peter Lim’s company assumed a controlling stake at the Mestalla but there have been a series of fans protest and unrest about the direction of the club.

Such a statement at this time – when the club is flying high in La Liga – is odd and is likely to antagonise fans, including the club’s Curva Nord Ultra group, who appear to be its main target.

“Since Meriton took control of VCF, a number of fake fans from different sectors have tried to dominate the news about VCF and have sold fake news and lies to our real fans,” read the statement.

“These fake fans are loud and are motivated by self-interests, not the interests of VCF, and certainly not the interests of the real fans who form the silent majority.

“Through a series of editorials, we will tell our real fans the truth about how Meriton saved this Club from the nearly irreparable damage done by previous managements and has brought it to its successful position today.

“Pre-Meriton, misplaced egos, mismanagement and misdeeds by previous managements led this Club gradually into grave problems: extremely high debts, unfinished stadium more than a decade old, Porxinos, tax problems, EU fine. This Club had been taken advantage of by Valencians, often for personal gratification, often for money, but without a doubt with the intention to benefit a very closed circle of people. Many people were hired when there was no work. The situation was so bad that VCF could not pay players’ salaries. The VCF Academy was bleeding. Most people, especially the fans, suffered. VCF nearly died.

“Peter Lim invested more than €200m of his own money to save this Club. None of the fake fans who pretend to defend this Club from Meriton and from Peter Lim put any money to save this Club.

“Fake fans have pushed the story that VCF has always had excellent sporting records pre-Meriton and that VCF must always be in the top 4. This is far from the truth. In the last 20 years, VCF was top 4 only 50% of the time.

“During the 3 seasons prior to Meriton, VCF qualified only once for CL with only 61 points. In the last 3 seasons under Meriton, VCF qualified for CL and equalled the VCF record of 77 points in La Liga. The last 2 seasons, fake fans sabotaged the atmosphere in the dressing room. They attacked the team bus and threatened our players.

“At Mestalla, they tried to intimidate the team instead of helping them as real fans would. This lame and shameless attempt to weaken Meriton didn't and will not work. Today VCF is in 2nd place. We identified and engaged two great professionals of Spanish football, Mateu and Marcelino, pushing the sporting changes. Our players, many of whom have been in this Club for a few years, are performing at peak levels.

“We will tell our real fans directly about what VCF is doing. We will cut out the intermediaries who work for their own interests and not those of the Club and its fans. We will do this because only we will defend the interests of this club at all times.

“Peter Lim owns Meriton. Meriton controls VCF. We know what we’re doing. Meriton will focus on building the relationship between VCF and our real fans. And together we will unite behind the coach and team.”