Mourinho: Tax case closed

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho insists ‘the case is closed’ in relation to his tax situation after a Madrid court appearance on Friday.

Mourinho turned up to the court in the Spanish capital in relation to an alleged €3.3m of tax fraud during his tenure at Real Madrid between 2010 and 2013.

“The information given to me was that my tax situation was totally within the law,” Mourinho told reporters outside the court.

“Years later I was then informed that an investigation had begun and that I had to change the situation and pay back a certain sum.

“There was no debate or argument, the sum has been paid and the signatures are there that everything is in compliance and the case is now closed – which is why I am here.”

The case related specifically to Mourinho’s image rights income, with the court appearance coming two days before he takes his side to old club Chelsea on Sunday.

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