Poch: I’ll never coach Barca

Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino has revealed that he could never coach Barcelona.

Pochettino spent the majority of his playing career with Espanyol, before coaching Los Periquitos for three years after he had hung up his boots, although that did not stop the Argentine from being linked with their Catalan rivals over the summer.

“I always try to be honest,” he continued at a Press conference for Tuesday’s Champions League clash between Real Madrid and Spurs.

“I don’t like to lie. Sometimes I lie a bit to my wife, but not to the media. It’s impossible. I could not coach Barcelona, for many reasons we shouldn’t get deep into.

“I hope I stay [for] 10-15 years at Tottenham. If [Levy] wants, I would love to sign that contract.

“Beating Madrid? It’s clear in my head [that] I always try to win every game, [including] when I’ve played Real Madrid and lost 3-0.

“I always remember Mourinho sat in that chair and asked me who was [Espanyol’s] No 20 or 30. [It was] someone called [Gerard] Moreno, who was 17 or 18, and he said he liked him.

“It’s true when you see the level we have in the Champions League you can have hopes, but in my head, I always think about winning.

“I thought about winning six or seven years ago because when you enjoy football you must be bold and brave no matter who you play.

“The idea is to win and to believe. My feeling has not changed.”

Pochettino then confirmed he had ended his feud with Pep Guardiola after the Manchester City Coach branded Tottenham “the Harry Kane team.”

“It’s something that’s over,” explained the former Southampton boss.

“The statement from him after Chelsea game, he spoke about the possible teams who had a chance to win the Premier League [and] he named Chelsea, Man United with Mourinho and the Harry Kane team. There’s no controversy.

“I just said I’m sure he understood it. [He’s in a] position of responsibility, responsible for [his] players and supporters and being [the] visible face of a club…

“This club is Tottenham and it has a great footballer called Harry Kane, just like Real Madrid have a great player called Cristiano Ronaldo and Barcelona have Messi.

“But nothing changes. I admire and respect him. Apart from that, there's no controversy.”

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