Berizzo ready to accept criticism

Eduardo Berizzo says he will take any criticism that inevitably comes his way if his rotation policy at Sevilla backfires.

Sevilla are likely to make several changes for Tuesday’s Champions League trip to Spartak Moscow, given they only played – and lost – to Athletic Bilbao three days ago.

“Our opponents concern me deeply,” the Coach said at a Press conference.

“Their two forwards are quick, they’re very good at one-on-ones, especially on the counterattack, and they play good football.

“We must be careful when we go forward, so as not to lose the ball and let them find their attacking players, but I’m always more concerned about my team than our opponents.

“We must use the ball wisely, above all in the middle of the park. Our opponents usually wait and come out with a lot of pace.

“Rotations? The cost of them is criticism, which I accept. The benefit of them is getting into the next few months like how we started off in La Liga.

“I’m aware that this team have suffered the wear and tear of playing in three competitions, so I’ll give plenty of minutes to each player

“If the cost is criticism then I accept it, but I’m convinced that we’ll impose our game, we’ll rest and we’ll come out stronger in the next few months.”

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