QSF: We want to play weekends…

Espanyol Coach Quique Sanchez Flores has criticised La Liga scheduling for his side playing too many games on Mondays and Fridays.

The 52-year-old compared his club to ‘bridesmaids’ who were ‘at the weddings of Real Madrid and Barcelona’, who often have favourable fixture scheduling.

“The scheduling for us does not help,” Sanchez Flores told reporters ahead of his side’s clash with Levante.

“We won’t complain, we respect the decisions being made by those in power including (league president, Javier) Tebas and the Spanish Federation.

“However, we have played a lot of matches on Friday and Monday nights but we want to play on Saturday or Sunday.

“We want to be invited to the weekend parties and not just be bridesmaids at the weddings of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

“Organising fixtures, especially with TV in mind, is a difficult business and involves taking lots of decisions with risk, whilst trying to maintain growth.

“That being said, long weekends do not suit us and we are playing on days which are not good for football.”

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