Luis praises ‘bravery’ of Pique

Filipe Luis has praised Gerard Pique for expressing his opinions on the Catalan referendum and encouraged footballers to become more vocal.

The Barcelona defender is a vocal supporter of holding a referendum in Catalonia – although he has not indicated which way he would vote – with Luis, who will meet him with Atletico Madrid this Saturday, stating this was ‘brave’.

“I don’t always agree with Pique’s opinions but I am a fan of his,” Luis told a wide-ranging interview with El Mundo.

“He dares to voice his opinion, like (Alvaro) Arbeloa. This is admirable and people should not be scared to say what they think, they should not hide behind fame.

“More footballers should follow that lead and not hide, it would be good as you are like any other citizen and have to accept that.

“The Catalan independence debate? I follow it daily but I must admit, I cannot properly understand it.

“I can respect the separatists opinion but I do not understand it, I am used to a world who unites and open frontiers, not communities who wish to close.

“It’s because I’m used to Brazil, which of course has many flaws but the people are proud of their nation…left, right or centre, it does not matter.

“People are proud of being Brazilian but for this situation, I do not understand how they think the future for their children will be better.”

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