Yeray: My life after cancer…

Athletic Bilbao defender Yeray Alvarez admits “I appreciate everything much more” after overcoming testicular cancer twice.

Yeray has fought cancer on two occasions in the past year, most recently undergoing a successful course of chemotherapy, while his Athletic teammates showed solidarity with the 22-year-old by shaving their heads.

“I value being able to drink water and eating anything without it tasting funny or wanting to vomit it out… I appreciate everything much more,” he said in a YouTube video.

“I’m very happy. Being cured of cancer and overcoming it is very good news. My family were with me during my sessions and my girlfriend was with me every single day.

“Lots of people went out of their way to send me messages. Although they probably don’t think that I read them, I do, even if I can’t answer them all.

“I’ve met many people who have been through the same process as me and are waiting to be cured. I wish them well.

“The President and my teammates were worried. They tried to take it in the best possible way.

“When my teammates shaved their heads, it was very exciting. I’ve received messages via WhatsApp from the world of football.

“People had asked for my number, and I thank them for that. I’ve felt fatigued because the chemotherapy still hasn’t left my body.

“It takes time to leave, and for now I’m working with [fitness coach] Xabi Clemente. I’m getting there little by little.”

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