Bale needs to adapt – Giggs

Former Manchester United star Ryan Giggs has urged his compatriot Gareth Bale to adapt his game and training methods to help avoid injuries.

Real Madrid forward Bale is set for another spell on the sidelines after being ruled out of both of Wales’ World Cup qualifying this month.

“When you look at Bale and the physical specimen he is, he is always going to be putting his body under pressure,” Giggs told Sksports.

“Especially with the sort of challenges he comes up against from other players.

“With the injuries he has had and at the stage of his career, this is when you need to start addressing it – when you get to your late 20s it hits home that you need to start making changes.

“Everyone is different and I tried to cover every base with yoga, acupuncture, ice baths, but what might work for some players might not for others.

“You also have to adapt your game; you can't play in your late 20s like you did when you were 19, but that experience means your brain is quicker and you can be more economical yet more effective.

“I was definitely more effective in games in my late 20s even if I wasn't as quick."

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