Saul: Whistles hurt everyone

Saul Niguez has called on Spain fans to stop whistling and heckling Gerard Pique and believes it damages the entire side.

An open training session on Monday had to be cancelled after just 23 minutes after fans turned up with banners criticising the Barcelona defender and whistling him for his views on the Catalan independence referendum.

“Hearing a teammate be whistled…we don’t like it,” Saul told an interview with El Mundo.

“In the national team at the moment we are not just thinking about football and it is complicated for everyone.

“Pique cannot be criticised, he cannot be blamed for anything and you support him as a footballer even if you have different opinions. Gerard always put on the national team shirt and gives his all.

“His twitter posts? Personally I wouldn’t have done it, but that’s me and everyone is different.”

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