Ron: Parenthood changed perspective

Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed his successes in football have had a much greater impact on him since becoming a father.

Writing emotionally in The Player’s Tribune, the Portuguese superstar – who saw twins born in June this year – spoke of how the birth of Cristiano Jr in June 2010 changed his perspective.

“Over the past eight years, I have achieved incredible things at Madrid,” Ronaldo explained.

“But to be honest, winning trophies later on in my career has become a different kind of emotion. Especially in these last two years.

“At Madrid, if you don't win everything, other people consider it a failure. This is the expectation of greatness. This is my job. But when you are a father, it is a completely different feeling. A feeling that I cannot describe.

“This is why my time in Madrid has been special. I have been a footballer, yes, but also a father.”

Ronaldo went on to describe the aftermath of the Champions League final victory in Cardiff earlier this year: “When I was on the pitch after the final whistle, it felt like I had sent a message to the world, but then my son came on the field to celebrate with me…and it was like the snap of a finger.

“Suddenly, the entire emotion changed. He was running around with Marcelo's son. We held the trophy together. Then we walked around the field, hand in hand. It is a joy that I did not understand until I was a father.

“There are so many emotions happening simultaneously that you cannot describe the feeling in words. The only thing I can compare it to is how I felt when I was warming up in Madeira and I saw my mother and sister huddled together in the stands.”

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