‘Resignation a dignified suicide’ – Marquez

Manolo Marquez has compared his resignation at Las Palmas to a ‘dignified suicide’ and believes the decision will benefit the club.

Marquez will remain at the club but no longer involved with the first team, whom he guided to two victories and four defeats in his six matches at the helm.

“The situation is like when somebody commits suicide,” explained Marquez.

“Some people call it bravery and some call it cowardice, but I think this is an act of dignity and honesty. Cowardice would have been to stay here and wait for the bad results to throw me out onto the street.

“If you want me to say that I have failed that’s fine, but I do not consider this venture to have been a failure.

“Whoever replaces me will do very well and will have more capabilities than me but for me there was no pressure in this decision, no anxiety or fear.

“I want to thank the club for this wonderful opportunity and also the players, for whom I will always be extremely fond of.”

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