CL defeats an ‘almost irreparable pain’

Diego Simeone has spoken of ‘almost irreparable pain’ of losing two Champions League finals, but he now has ‘more energy than ever’.

The 47-year-old is entering his seventh season as Coach of Atletico Madrid and despite the ‘deep pain’ of two finals losses in Europe’s premier club competition, he is focusing on the exciting times ahead.

“The lowest moment was losing the two Champions League finals…especially the second,” Simeone told Atleti’s website.

“It was a deep, almost irreparable pain.

“The best moment was winning La Liga (in 2014) as that was something we had wanted for so long and had put so much work and energy into achieving.

“The club has expanded and grown a lot since us starting in 2011 – I always knew there was the chance to improve a lot and time has proven me right.

“Right now, the older players have the enthusiasm of the youngsters while the younger player have the experience of the older generation, so that combination is key.

“I have a lot more energy now than I did when I first arrived – when you move to a new stadium you have some nerves and anxiety but you are also full of optimism and excitement.

“People will fall in love with this stadium, it is amazing.”

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