Tebas: Clubs are laughing at FFP rules

La Liga chief Javier Tebas has reiterated his calls for investigations into the spending of Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City.

The president of the Spanish top flight said the two clubs are ‘laughing’ at the Financial Fair Play system with the authorities refusing to clamp down upon this.

“UEFA and other institutions, such as the European Union, need to carry out an investigation,” Tebas explained in a speech at SoccerEx.

“This is when the football clubs have a competitive advantage which does not coming from the club itself – it’s PSG and Manchester City now, it was Chelsea in the past.

“PSG having a lot more income from sponsorship than Manchester United is impossible – it is financial doping.

“If United had bought Neymar from Barcelona, then we would not be complaining as that would have been within the rules.

“There is incredible risk involved when money comes from states and governments.

“Manchester City paid nearly €1000m in transfers while PSG almost €950m…if we don't control this situation then whole industry will become destructured.

“These clubs are laughing at the system – they have been caught peeing in the swimming pool; Neymar has peed from diving board. We can't accept this.

“State aid for Barcelona and Real Madrid? That's an argument my little kids would use. Why are you giving them biscuits and not me.”

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