Bartra: I value life more

Marc Barta has revealed the injury and trauma of being caught up in a bomb attack before a Champions League game can be a positive experience.

The Spain international was the only person injured in April as an explosion went off and a piece of shattered glass cut through his arm, requiring urgent medical attention.

“What makes me happy? I have a healthy life and I’m able to train and play football,” Bartra told an interview with Marca.

“I'm still having sessions with my physio to get more movement and mobility in my (injured) arm – it’s a lot, lot better but there is still work to do.

“The injury changed me a lot, especially how I see things and what I value as being important and what is not but there are many more people who are good than bad.

“It is obviously a shame to go through such a traumatic incident but it had positives – it gives you extra motivation to live, you value things more and you want to squeeze every moment out of living.

“Getting back to training was an incredible moment, it’s all I want to do and it’s my job but to have all that affection made it so much better.

“It’s important to think positively and hopefully I’m now on the right patch to be selected (for the World Cup) and I believe the coaching at Dortmund is a similar philosophy to the national team.”

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