Pereira grateful for Granada experience

Valencia new boy Andreas Pereira believes his experience at Granada puts him in good stead for the rest of his career.

Pereira spent last season on loan at Granada from Manchester United and scored five goals in La Liga, despite the Andalusians’s relegation to the second tier.

The attacker has since joined Valencia for the 2017-18 campaign and extended his United contract until 2019, with the option of a further year.

“It was a good season for me personally,” he told the Red Devils’ official website.

“For the team, it was not. We had difficult times but I learned a lot, playing under pressure and trying not to go down.

“The fans were very good with me, the fans welcomed me and the people at the club were very nice too, so I have to appreciate what they did for me all through the season. It was a very good welcome and I felt at home there.

“Style of play? It was very different. It is more like tactical play and it is not as physical as the Premier League.

“In the beginning, I had to adapt a bit because I was taking a lot of yellow cards! I was a bit too aggressive in the duels and it was a different type of play.

“The whole experience for me was an eight. I learned a lot, unfortunately we went down as a team, but for me personally it was good. I scored my goals, I did well for the team and I tried my best.

“In the beginning, I had to adapt because it was very hot. I arrived on the first day in a jumper!

“It is very hot over there, in training it is difficult, but you get used to the warm weather. It was a bit different for me because, in England, I live with my parents here.

“When I went there, I had to learn how to live alone, how to do stuff for myself, so I think I matured outside of football.

“In the beginning, it was very different. It is a world of difference between the two clubs.

“When you are over there you imagine how big United is and you appreciate how big the club is, how nice the people are and the work that is done for you outside of the pitch.

“What was it like to play against Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Antoine Griezmann? It was very special. The first game we played at Barcelona was very special, in the big stadium.

“You got the feeling again of playing at Old Trafford. You got the same feelings. A big club. I kind of missed United that day.

“I missed playing at Old Trafford in a big stadium. I kept me motivated as well, to come back, work hard and do well.

“Did it make me feel like I could compete at the top level? Yeah in some ways.

“When we were playing against them and I was playing well, I was thinking ‘If I can do well against Barcelona then I can go back and do good against other teams too’. Of course, it is difficult to just say that, though, after a few games.

“Tony Adams? With me, personally, it was very good. He told me what to do in training and in the games.

“He said these things would give me an advantage when I go back to Manchester and English football. He helped me a lot and I am very happy to have worked with him.

“It was very good with him. He understood that I was on loan there so he tried to help me, to develop and go back to United.

“Did I return to United a better player than when I left? Yeah, better for sure and more experienced. In situations on the pitch, I feel more calm.

“I know what to do because of the experience and I hope to use that in my career.”

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