Costa: Chelsea want too much

Diego Costa has hit out at Chelsea for ‘pricing him out’ of his dream return to Atletico Madrid this summer in a latest interview.

The Spain international has repeatedly spoken of his desire to return to Atleti this summer after being told by Blues Coach Antonio Conte he had no future at Stamford Bridge and is yet to return to training.

“I've demonstrated I care for Atletico and have interest in playing for them,” Costa said in an interview with ESPN Brasil's Joao Castelo-Branco.

“But if Atletico and Chelsea don't come to an agreement and Atletico don't make a big effort, I can't keep on wanting to play for a club that isn't going to make a bigger effort to try and sign me.

“I know that this [big effort] will happen, but if it's to pay the amount that Chelsea want it won't be possible.

“What I know is that this offer Chelsea will get is bigger than what they paid (for him in July 2014), so I've given them something back in all senses (sporting and financial).

“I don't know (what price is being demanded), but my agent said that Chelsea want something that Atletico can't get near.

"When we heard that Conte didn't want me anymore, my agent went to find out if there was interest from Atletico for me coming back.

“Of course for the warmth and respect that I earned there, they showed interest. But they wouldn't pay a fortune.

“Atletico is a team growing every year, a big team, but they can't pay an extraordinary amount.

“Chelsea have offered me to several clubs, but I was very clear with them.

“I said that if I'm not part of the manager's plans, I would like to choose my destination. I'm not going to let them decide just to get more money.

“When I came to Chelsea they paid a lot less compared to what's being offered to them. I think they should take into account everything that I've done. It's not my fault that I'm not at the club. If it was down to me I'd be playing.

“It's already been one month. Holidays are good but it gets tiresome.

“I didn't provoke the situation, but now that it's come to this the club has to think in two ways.

“Of course they need to get something back [in a sporting sense], like I gave them on the pitch, but financial as well. After three years they will receive a fee higher than what they paid.”

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