Zidane: Contract unimportant, Neymar…

Zinedine Zidane insists his contract with Real Madrid “means nothing” and that Neymar is “irreplaceable” for Barcelona ahead of the Supercopa.

Zidane’s remarks came after reports emerged that he had agreed a new, three-year deal with Madrid worth double his salary, while the likes of Philippe Coutinho and Ousmane Dembele have been linked with replacing Neymar on Barca’s left wing.

“The first leg’s in Barcelona and the return’s in Madrid, we’re going to have to play two games and it is what it is, although I’d have preferred just a single game,” the Coach said at a Press conference ahead of Sunday’s first leg.

“Rotations? Tomorrow you’ll see… We’re all well and perfect physically and mentally. Everyone wants to play and that’s good.

“After that, I have to choose. Cristiano’s ready, he’s very well, he’s had time off and only been with us for a few days, but he’s worked hard physically and he’s ready.

“Barca without Neymar? The player that replaces him tomorrow won’t be Neymar because he’s very good, but whoever they are will do well. There aren’t many players like Neymar.

“How much I’d be in this market? Very cheap! Isco and BBC? They can be compatible.

“After that, you have to manage everything else a bit, but it’s possible. I can do many things [with this team], you’ll see how I’m going to play tomorrow.

“Theo? He’s fine and like the others physically, He’s just got here, but he’s happy.

“During preseason and the week before the Super Cup, he was very well and growing like the others.

“This is the Supercopa Espana and it’s special because it’s another trophy for us.

“Against Barcelona, we know it’s always something more. It’s a game against the best team for many people, but it doesn’t change anything for me.

“My work? I try to carry it out every day, I’m the Coach, I have to do my bit and we’re doing well.

“I know where I am and I know [my job] is day to day, we have an important game coming up and we’ll try to win it. We always try to do our best. I'm lucky to have this squad.

“Barca worse now? It’s the opposite because they’ve undergone changes, but ultimately Barcelona are Barcelona, we know how they play and that’s not going to change,

“Their idea isn’t going to change, I said that there was no-one else like Neymar, he’s irreplaceable, but there’s someone else that will do well for them.

“If we think it’s going to be easier tomorrow, we’re wrong. Casemiro? He works in front of goal like everyone else. We do things together.

“We’re not doing anything specific with him, I’m glad he’s happy as well.

“My link to the club? I’m happy, but my contract means nothing. I know where I am and what I have to do, and that’s it.

“I might not be here in a year’s time and that’s it. Madrid and I will never discuss [my future].

“Signings? Anything can happen until August 31, but I’m very happy with my players and I don’t want to change them.”

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