Agent ‘wanted Neymar to join Madrid’

Neymar’s former agent claims he wanted the attacker to join Real Madrid rather than Barcelona.

In an interview with UOL on Friday, Wagner Ribeiro also revealed how Kaka’s 2003 transfer to Milan was his “worst” piece of business and why he “fought” with Real Madrid before Robinho joined Manchester City five years later.

“The worst deal I ever conducted in terms of business was Kaka,” began the representative.

“He was sold to Milan in 2003 for 8.5m. He had little time left on his contract, Sao Paulo didn’t own any part of the player and he was crazy to go to Europe.

“Neymar? I’m no longer Neymar’s agent. It’s his father, but it’s true that we’re working together because we’re close.

“I was his agent from the age of 12 and got him two contracts with Santos, but when he grew up, his father took control of everything through his companies.

“Neymar’s like a son to me. His father is trustworthy, I like and respect him.

“I sent offers from Chelsea and Real Madrid to Santos. The one from Barcelona went directly to the father. I wanted him to go to Madrid, I always said it.

“Economically, it was a better offer for Santos and even better for the player. But he decided to go to Barcelona because they were the team of his heart.

“Robinho? He had a wonderful time at Madrid, he was the player of the moment.

“He could create and score goals. The problem is that an offer came from Chelsea, and as he won less than Zidane and Ronaldo, I started to fight with Madrid so they would pay him the same as the English club, which was three times more.

“Madrid agreed to pay more than Chelsea in the end, but then came City…”

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