Ramos: Ballon d’Or not crazy

Sergio Ramos insists the thought of him winning the Ballon d’Or is “not crazy” as “our intention and objective is to expand on Real Madrid’s history.”

Ramos played a key role in Madrid’s League and European Cup double last season, with ‘Noventa y Ramos time’ – the Spanish Press’ reference to his penchant for a late goal – a regular occurence.

Speaking to Marca for its Sunday edition, the defender discussed his chances of being crowned the world’s best player and how Los Blancos had to always “better themselves”.

“I had to suffer in order to go through my very beautiful experience. It’s pressure, but I take it as a positive thing,” he began.

“I try to lead this group well and in the most honest way possible in order to help in everything on and off the field.

“How it feels to lift trophies? Obviously it’s very gratifying for all the effort and sacrifice it involves on a personal and collective level.

“But when you lift them, you remember all the work done and the fans around the world who support us with affection.

“For me, it’s a privilege to be the captain. Those images [of lifting trophies] are for life.

“‘Noventa y Ramos’? They’re even more gratifying and perhaps more spectacular for the fans, but a defence isnt for those things.

“My main function is to convey calmness and security in defending and I prefer that.

“If, after that, you can contribute with important goals in Finals and others then that’s much better. I’ll stick with that Sergio Ramos, which is the one I want to convey.

“People think I’m going to score goals with my head in Finals in the last minute, and that has happened, but it doesn’t mean that it’ll happen all the time.

“Crazy to think I could win the Ballon d’Or? It depends. Specific criteria should be put out so how the prize is awarded is known.

“Leo [Messi] and Cristiano have won it each for the last few years, but, for example Cannavaro, who was my teammate, has also won it.

“You never see it as crazy. I’ve achieved things throughout my very, very good career, and being among the final three would be a real prize, a privilege, and if I was rewarded with a Ballon d’Or, it would be historic.

“Objective for next season? We’ll keep trying to better ourselves. No-one had won two consecutive Champions Leagues before and we have the possibility of continuing to write history.

“Therefore, we must forget a bit about we’ve achieved, which for me is the key to success: resetting and returning with the same ambition and enthusiasm.

“I’ve been here for many years, but I have more enthusiasm now than I did on my first day to play, win and wear the shirt of the best club in the world.

“You have to start from scratch every year, turn the page and start with new motivations.

“We’re starting next season with the mentality of winning trophies immediately, against two great teams like Barcelona and Manchester United.

“The challenge is always to overcome what was done the previous season. We’ve made history, but our intention and objective is to expand on this club’s history.

“It’s true that I had one of the best seasons of my career, if not the best, but I’m also seizing it and living through a unique experience with my national team and Real Madrid, so in that sense, I really want to continue performing at a good level.

“This experience gives you things that you don’t get when you’re a youngster, although I’ve kept my ambition intact.

“Since the season of La Decima, I’ve been thinking that I’m having my best seasons and, luckily, I'm bettering each one.

“The important thing is not to set yourself an objective but be clear that anything is possible and you can achieve it.”

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