Tenerife slam Getafe ‘anti-football’

Tenerife boss Jose Luis Marti slammed Getafe for their “disgraceful anti-football” in Saturday’s Segunda playoff Final.

Getafe won 3-1 on the night to prevail 3-2 on aggregate and secure a quick return to La Liga, but Marti felt Los Azulones barely played football and that life had been “very cruel and unfair” to his Tenerife side.

“I feel a tremendous sense of helplessness and anger because I think life has been very unfair to this group of players and these fans,” the Coach said after the game.

“Life’s been very cruel to us because we deserved the prize for the effort we made.

“I feel powerless and angry, but I’m proud of these players, who left their skins on the pitch.

“Life’s been unfair to us in an ugly way in the second half because I don’t think a single minute of football was played.

“My team did very well, but they scored a goal with their first attack.

“It was a tough blow to take, we didn’t know how to come back from it and we found it difficult.

“In the second half, if we’d put one of our chances away, we’d be in another situation.

“Still, we have to bounce back because this will make us stronger for fighting again, as if our lives depended on it.

“I’ve taken many blows in life and football and you can only get back up and keep fighting.

“Your opponents can do what they think is right, but the referee has to take action. If they kick one of your players above their knees, it’s a red [card].

“It seemed a disgrace to me, [their] overall approach, which can be classified as anti-football, although it’s still football.

“I don’t want to talk about the referee. The only thing I want to do is change the mood of the players. It’s hard when you get kicked and insulted but they still benefit.”

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