Laporta: Barca board must resign

Former Barcelona president Joan Laporta has called on the club’s board to resign due to their ‘intoxication, manipulation and lies’.

Laporta lost the 2015 presidential election to Josep Maria Bartomeu – in the wake of the Catalans winning the treble – and held the position at the club between 2003 and 2010.

"If [the board] resigned now, I'd definitely stand [for election]," Laporta told The Guardian.

"The problem is [the current board's mandate] ends in 2021. If they went now, I'd stand. But if they continue for three, four years, I don't think so.

"We all have our moment. Right now, it's still fresh to me, but if it goes on longer, I'd like a candidate I can look at and think: 'Yes, this is the one.' Renewal's always necessary. I'd like someone with clear ideas, a model I can share, a person I can trust.

"We left them [Rosell, Bartomeu] the greatest Barca in the club's history and they spent their time destroying it.

"Barcelona has been kidnapped. It's hostage to the intoxication, manipulation and lies [of this board] and it's sad.

“I'm demanding they resign. If they had any shame they'd resign; if they had any shame, they'd have gone when they did a deal with the public prosecutor to make the club, not them, liable in the Neymar case."

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