Coach sacked for winning 25-0

A youth Coach of CD Serrano has been sacked after winning a match 25-0 and ‘humiliating’ his side’s opponents.

The Valencia-based side, which contains 10 and 11-year-olds, hammered the Benicalap C side during a local league match at the beginning of June with Serrano’s head of youth Pablo Alcaide stating the decision was justified.

"We are talking about children who are in primary [education] and what we prioritise above the result are certain values," Alcaide is quoted as saying by Marca.

"We try to transmit empathy and respect for rivals which is why he should have had more respect for our opponents and controlled the score a little bit because in the end an 11-year-old cannot go home with 25 goals against, that's very tough."

However, El Pais report Daniel Revenga, the Coach's lawyer, feels this constitutes unfair dismissal: "At no time did he encourage his players to extend their lead. On the contrary, he told them to stop pressing in their rival's half.

“But Benicalap C, who could not make further changes, continued to attack and left too many open spaces."