Valverde ‘wants to win every game’

New Barcelona boss Ernesto Valverde has expressed his desire “to win every game, from first to last” at Camp Nou.

Valverde has signed a two-year contract with Barca, and the former Athletic Bilbao Coach is ready “to return the favour” to the Blaugrana’s fans, describing the job ahead of his as “a challenge, a responsibility and a dream”.

“I want to win every game, from first to last, I want to win everything, that’s my intention,” he told Barca TV.

“If there’s a good atmosphere and a group that push you, everything becomes much easier.

“It’s a challenge, a responsibility and a dream because Camp Nou will be full of people who expect a lot from us, so we must be able to return the favour.

“I want to convey everything I feel to the fans, and that can vibrate with the team.

“Even though I already knew about it, I’m realising the sheer size of this club. When a club like Barca call you, it’s always a great moment.

“I decided to end my four-year spell in Bilbao. Sometimes, for a club like Barca to call you, not only do they need to like your style, but it must also coincide with timing, your situation…

“The game is a reflection of the Coach’s idea. I want a team spirit that infects the people at the club, a style of play that is intense, a team that carry the weight of their game and an ambition in accordance with what’s asked of us.

“There are many things that I already see in this team. The formation sets the base for your idea, and you have to make sure the players are comfortable so that you can achieve what you want to achieve.

“My assistants? Jon Aspiazu is an important point of support for me, I have a lot of confidence in him after sharing dressing rooms for so many years.

“When you have doubts or you have to decide something, it is important to have someone who thinks differently to you, so we have a balance and we always find middle ground.

“Jose Antonio Pozanco is crucial, for what he conveys and his demands.

“Physical preparation is often the thing that scares the players, but we integrate it into the team’s way of playing.

“He is a person that likes to be close to the players, but with very tough demands at the same time. It’s an ideal combination.”

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