Marcelo dismisses Alves comments

Marcelo insists Dani Alves’ remarks about Real Madrid being lucky against Juventus in 1998 “are of no interest to us.”

Alves suggested Pedja Mijatovic’s winner in the 98 Champions League Final was offside and that Madrid should be “scared” of his winning record against them, but Marcelo was in no mood to entertain the former Barcelona right-back’s mind games.

“It’s a Champions League Final, everyone tries to focus on other things, but we are just thinking about playing our game,” the left-sider said at a Press conference.

“We know what we’ve done and what we have to do, we know the history of Real Madrid, so what Dani Alves says are of no interest to us.

“It wasn’t a disadvantage that we didn’t play any official games for two weeks.

“We celebrated La Liga, we rested and worked hard in training. I think we’re in good shape.

“We’ve got no problem whether Juventus play with three at the back or four. We trust in the Coach. He knows we support him day after day, he knows how to face Juve tomorrow.

“Keylor Navas is a great goalkeeper and has improved a great deal with our coaching staff.

“He suffered the comparison with Iker Casillas in the first season. Hopefully tomorrow he can give us an extra hand.”

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