Alves: Madrid should be scared!

Dani Alves jokes Real Madrid “will be scared” of his record against them and claims Los Blancos beat Juventus in 1998 “with an offside goal.”

Alves has beaten Madrid more times than any other player, from his spells at Sevilla and Barcelona, and the Juve right-back cranked up the mind games ahead of Saturday’s Champions League Final.

“This Final is something very special for me, being surrounded by great players,” he said at a Press conference.

“Everyone wants to play in this game and we’re privileged. You have to enjoy the moment and try to make the night more special.

“Rivalry with Madrid? It’s not Alves v Real Madrid, this is Juventus v Real Madrid. The last Final against Madrid, they won with an offside goal.

“Being the player that has beaten Real Madrid the most times? They’ll be scared, right? They’ll surely be more careful and they’re not favourites so much.

“People say that they won the last Final with an offside goal. We’ll try to catch them out and play without fear.

“Life brought me here, to this team, to live the dream of the Champions League.

“I already know what it feels like to win it, but they don’t. I think a player of Buffon’s greatness deserves to [know what it feels like].

“In order to take the cup home, we have to make even more of an effort than usual. Our dream still has to come true and I hope to win it before Buffon retires.

“Three Trebles? I’m not thinking about it. Every day we have to do something new and different, but that’s what I’ll leave behind in history.

“I don’t live thinking about my achievements. We’re in a team sport. Individual things will come. I just play to make my team better.

“You approach these games to win them. I’m not thinking about who we’re facing. We’re not afraid, we’ve come here for the Cup and it is what it is.

“I don’t lose sleep for Finals, I sleep very well and I hope my teammates do as well.

“I’m an eternal apprentice and I’m here to learn from my teammates. That’s the secret of this group.”

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