Bartra describes bus attack horror

Borussia Dortmund defender Marc Bartra has spoken of the trauma of being caught up in a bomb attack before a Champions League game.

The Spain international was the only person injured as an explosion went off and a piece of shattered glass cut through his arm, requiring urgent medical attention.

"When I was in the ambulance, I did not care if they cut off my arm, I was just glad to be alive," Bartra is quoted by Marca as telling Antena 3.

"I had a lot of pain in my arm, and when the doctor told me after the operation that I could play in a month.

“It was incredible, I was lucky that it was a clean fracture that did not affect the tendons and ligaments.

"My hand was hanging, I could not move it. I screamed in pain and fear, we did not know whether to move or not, if more attacks would come.

“The physio came and I wanted to sleep, I did not feel well because of the pain, how bad it was. The physio gave me a few slaps, said 'do not fall asleep Marc'.

"I spoke and I realized that I could not sleep, that if you fall asleep do not wake up. I started thinking about my daughter, calming myself down, with my eyes open. The ambulance came and it was 10 or 15 minutes that lasted forever.

"The physio told me: 'be strong, do not fall asleep', but I was crying and looking out the window…I do not wish it on anyone. My first thoughts were on who was alive, whether I could move or not, and then getting away from there.

"I was in shock, my ears were pounding, I was dizzy. Then I saw that I could move my legs, but my arm hurt a lot. I was bleeding a lot.

"The physios did not want to get off the bus. They took longer, I was put in a tourniquet with a jacket. I still remember everything and I feel strongly when talking about it."

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