Ronaldo: Left against my will

Ronaldo has admitted that he left Real Madrid “against my will” in 2007 after accusing Fabio Capello of using his weight as an excuse not to play him.

Ronaldo scored 104 goals in 177 appearances for Madrid between 2002 and 2007, but the striker played just 13 times in his final half-season under Capello, amidst claims he was overweight.

“I left against my will,” he told Fox Sports Brasil.

“I began to have many problems with Capello. I could be 100g over my target weight and I’d be out of the team.

“Ultimately, I’m tolerant and I want to understand other points of view, but with him I had no understanding.

“I understood his role as the Coach, but sometimes, in football, it’s not 100g or 200g that makes the difference.

“It’s performance, and he didn’t evaluate my performance as a whole or consider what I could give [to the team]. If I played badly, it was because I was overweight.

“Our relationship was deteriorating, until there was a complete break, and at a moment like that, when the Coach is stronger, the club had to make a decision.”

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