Ronaldo accused of tax fraud

Cristiano Ronaldo could face prosecution relating to reports he defrauded Spain’s tax authorities for €15m between 2011-14.

Prosecutors must decide before the end of June whether or not they should charge the Portuguese international, with tax office asking them to press charges against him for tax fraud and requested a minimum five-year jail term.

The 32-year-old paid an extra €5.5m in 2014 but reports suggests he should have to pay a further €15m to regularise his finances.

If the player is found guilty he is unlikely to face any jail team because he would be a first-time offender and prosecutors have indicated a sentence would be around 15 months, not the minimum of two years in Spanish law.

Representatives of the Real Madrid player strenuously denied the claims and said he is "fully compliant with his tax obligations."

The news comes in the aftermath of Barcelona’s Lionel Messi having a 21-month sentence of tax fraud upheld by Spain’s Supreme Court.

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