“Granada haven’t been a football club…”

Tony Adams believes Granada need to “turn back into a football club" and less like ‘a player agency’ after making ‘too many mistakes’ this year.

The former Portsmouth manager was appointed Coach at El Nazari last month following the dismissal of Lucas Alcaraz, but has lost all six games in charge of the club.

"We have 76 players signed across the A and B teams this season,” explained Adams in his press conference.

“Only 28 of them are signed to Granada. There's another 15 being contested at the moment.

"Some of these 'Granada' players haven't even set foot in this club. Some of these players haven't even put a foot on Spanish soil, and they're signed to Granada.

“Of the 28 Granada players, I don't think we want a lot of them anyway, so there's going to be a lot of changes. I reckon nearly 50 players are going to leave the club.

"There's nobody more unhappy than the owner. He's bought a club for €37 million and there was only 28 Granada players signed to the club in the A and B teams.

"I very much class this, the results and everything that's going on, as the symptoms. It's not the cause. The cause is deep rooted and it's to do with the recruitment.

“These squads of players have not been good enough, so we need to get rid of them and get some new ones.

"This club has been seriously mismanaged for a few years now. It's been a player agency, not a football club. We want to turn it back into a football club. That's going to be painful and we're still in pain."

Granada conclude their six-year tenure in La Liga with a home fixture against Espanyol on Friday night, with many players expecting to play their last match for the club.

"Well, it's a home match and I think it would be really great to finish the season with a win,” added Adams.

“There's nothing like winning and we've not won a lot of games this season. To finish with a win would be very positive for us."

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