Lucho: MSN probably the best

Luis Enrique believes MSN “are probably the best” attack in world football after Barcelona’s 4-1 victory over Villarreal as Neymar is “more like a ballet dancer”.

Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar were all on target against Villarreal, prompting Enrique to shower praise on his prolific front three, with special emphasis placed on the Brazilian.

“Because of [the game’s] difficulty and our need for points, it’s a very important victory,” the Coach said after the match.

“From the beginning, we were very much in the game. In the second half, the difference in rhythm that we had imposed on our rivals was felt more as they defended for a lot of the first half.

“Villarreal sat back because we had a very complete game. They’re a team that usually carry the weight of a game.

“That’s why they sat back. It means many things, but we did well.

“You never know if it’s better for your opponents to play out or not. Playing out is a stimulus, but not playing anything frees you and makes you more dangerous.

“Madrid-Celta? You should ask those who schedule the fixtures. There was a problem the day they played against Celta and then it turned out that Celta were still in European competition, so they went for the date they did.

"MSN? Years ago, we heard 1,000 times that there couldn’t be more than one ‘crack’ per team.

“When Neymar arrived, there were many critics because it wasn’t a good sign that there were two ‘cracks’ in one team.

“Here, there are three ‘cracks’ in our attack and we go forth with them.

“They’re a reference point in terms of a forward line. I don’t know if they’re best in the world, but they probably are. And you mustn’t do anything but enjoy them.

“Neymar’s interpretation of football is totally different from anyone else’s. He understands football as an art and makes it enjoyable for everyone.

“I don’t have time to see and understand most of his dribbles. His moves are often more like ballet and something exceptional, rather than simple dribbles.

“He’s beautiful, effective and spectacular to watch.”

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