Adams: New boss incoming

Tony Adams has brought in John Metgod to assist him at Granada as “we’d like to get a new Coach in before the end of the season.”

Former Real Madrid and Netherlands defender Metgod was Adams’ right-hand man at Portsmouth during the 2008-09 campaign, adding to the recent appointment of ex-Levante man Manuel Salvador as sporting director.

“I brought John in, he speaks Spanish fluently,” the interim boss explained ahead of Granada’s trip to Real Sociedad on Saturday.

“Actually, he was a massive help just today. I think it was the best training session since I’ve been Coach here.

“This morning the boys were very bright and it just made a huge difference to have John’s Spanish voice on the side of the pitch.

“Also, I have got another job here. I’m very excited about the four candidates for head Coach and together with Manuel Salvador I’m going to be talking to these guys in the next couple of weeks, so I need someone else to concentrate on the training sessions as well as myself.

“I needed another pair of hands and John is a very experienced football man. It’s perfect, he’s fitted in really well already.

“Signing Wakaso permanently? There’s teamwork here. We’ve got a new sports director, he’s only been here for a couple of days and we’re delighted, I think we’ve done really well bringing Manuel (Salvador) in here.

“There’s not been one negative comment from anybody. I’m positive that we’ve got the right man to build the club with the rest of us.

“He needs to decide, DDMC needs to decide, we all need to decide and maybe the new head Coach needs to decide on Wakaso taking up the option.

“The decision has not yet been made to be honest, at this moment in time.

“New Coach? We’d like to get him in before the end of the season, or definitely make the announcement.

“That might not be feasible because some of them are actually in employment right now.

“We might not be able to get him in before the end of the season. One in particular we can, we can bring him in and he would come in before the end of the season.

"We would like to get him in place because he’s going to have a say, like Lucas before him, on all transfers.

“The Coach is the one that has to work with the players at the end of the day, so we always like to let the Coach have the final say on all transfers.

“Probably by the end of the month, hopefully.”

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