Adams: We owe Granada fans

Granada boss Tony Adams has called on his players to ‘keep fighting until the end’ as the club slide ever closer to relegation.

The former England captain was temporarily appointed manager earlier this month but having failed to take any points from his opening three games in charge, his side now appear doomed.

"It's very difficult but it's my job to keep them fighting to the end, and if we do get relegated then it's still important for me to push the players to keep fighting to the very last moment,” explained Adams in his post-match press conference after losing 2-0 to Malaga.

“That's what we owe the Granada supporters, there's not been a lot for them to shout about this year. We have to keep trying and keep fighting to the very last minute, of the very last game.

“I don't think it's a particularly fantastic squad that the previous sports director put together. He wasn't a bad man, I think he had problems with recruitment and finance. He was heavily influenced by other people maybe.

"My job was to come in here and clean, because it wasn't working. When I came here in November we were very much aware that we'd made mistakes. Over the course of the next couple of years I'm here to clean things up and to build.

"We owe it to the supporters, they come, they pay their money, they cheer and in particular I must admit the group just on my right, they were unbelievable. The way that they were supporting their team was incredible and I'm very proud of them for doing that.

“They've had to put up with quite a lot this season and they've not had a lot of entertainment. So we owe it to them, that's what I would say. I will be driving the team on."

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