Ramos: Pique, remember PSG…

Sergio Ramos hit back at Gerard Pique’s claim that Real Madrid “were used to lenient referees at home” as the Clasico “was just like PSG”.

Pique also claimed Ramos “would regret” his lunge on Lionel Messi, which resulted in the Madrid defender being shown a straight red card, but the Andalusian made it clear he was not impressed with his Spain teammate.

“Are referees lenient with us? It was just like theirs against PSG,” he said after the game.

“The red card was excessive and conditioned us for the rest of the game. It’s true that I was late and my tackle was conspicuous, but I’d never hurt an opponent deliberately.

“Messi did very well, he jumped and you could see that I didn’t touch him.

“Geri [Pique] spends all day commenting on the referees and putting pressure on them.

“At the end of the game, I told him that with so much pressure and so many complaints, he’d eventually get the upper hand.

“I know he said that I’d regret it once I saw the images, but after five minutes of cooling off, I feel the same way.

“I don’t have any problems with him, just don’t ask me to give him a hug right now.”

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