Luis Enrique believes Barcelona’s heavy first leg defeat in Turin has ‘freed’ his side ‘from all pressure’ going into Wednesday’s second leg.

Having lost the first leg in Turin 3-0 last week, the Catalans require another redemption at the Camp Nou following their 6-5 aggregate win over Paris Saint-Germain in the previous round.

“We’re starting from the idea that this is an elimination,” Enrique explained during his pre-match press conference.

“The result means that we have nothing to lose, we’re freed from all pressure and the opponents practically have the semi finals in their pocket.

“They need to decide whether they want to defend or attack, making important decisions. We have only one option: attack, attack, attack and when we relax, attack again.

“We’ll see tomorrow, I don’t know what Juve will do but we’ll play our own game.

“Tomorrow is a Quarter-Final return leg where we lost 3-0. Everything is possible. You can use the word miracle but…

“Can we do it? Without a doubt. Not just that, it’s also easier. The 4-0 [against Paris Saint-Germain] was more complicated, I’m sure if we get the first goal, Camp Nou will get the second and the third will come by itself.”

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