‘Neymar should only face half a team!’

Ex-Barcelona President Joan Gaspart claims Neymar “has to face half a team first” due to them “kicking and crushing” him before the forward can be sent off.

Neymar was banned for three games by the RFEF’s Competition Committee after he sarcastically applauded the fourth official once he was shown a second yellow card at Malaga last weekend, but the decision “seemed wrong” to Gaspart, despite him being Vice-President of the federation.

“The interpretive sanctions [by the committee] seem wrong to me and there seems to be a lack of sensitivity,” he told Sportyou.

“The Press has interpreted that clapping is laughing at the fourth official. Why? If he had spit or kicked [the official] … but applauding him?

“Conspiracy theories? I don’t believe in them, otherwise Madrid would be 20 points ahead. I’m Vice-President of the RFEF and if I believed that then I wouldn’t be in this position.

“The day that I believe that La Liga football is rigged, I wouldn’t be the position that I‘m in today.

“Do I have to get heart palpitations and hysterical about something that’s rigged? No.

“Neymar can be sent off, but he has to face half a team first because they crush him, kick him … They do everything.

“Still, the Cules mustn’t justify things with conspiracies. The games in Malaga and Turin were lost due to football issues and not ones relating to officiating.”

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