Al Thani in bizarre police rant

Malaga’s 2-0 defeat to Atletico Madrid on Saturday was overshadowed by owner Sheikh Abdullah Al Thani’s bizarre rant about Spanish police on social media.

Al Thani took to Twitter to claim police refused him entry into La Rosaleda for the match against Atleti and that their actions were provoked by racism.

“The police [have] not allowed me to entering [sic] the stadium,” wrote the Qatari.

“There is no justice and no respect in this country. Sorry this is the truth.

“And one of the policemen, they hits [sic] my car glass without any reason. I want my right from those police.

“Today really very bad day, first what happened with me about the stupid police in Malaga and [then] other things, very bad luck for our team.

“I want all the fans [to] be happy. But everyone saw the match, we control the match from [start] until the end but bad luck to [not] get a good result.

“This is racist, very clear by the police.”

A security barrier had already been installed by the time Al Thani had arrived, although he was eventually allowed in without any problems at another entry point.

His rant was almost universally panned by other Twitter users, many of whom suggested that the President had perceived himself to be above the law.

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