Ramos – Pique can’t criticise

Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos has hit back at Gerard Pique’s comments about his club, saying Barcelona are not innocent by comparison.

Pique stated after Spain’s friendly win that he could never work for Madrid in any role because of the 'values they transmit' but his defensive partner on the international stage said Barca had issues too.

"What Pique says won't change the values, our badge, our history or our titles," Ramos told reporters.

"What he says will provoke headlines and sell newspapers but we live off of that.

"In every box seat strings are pulled, but if anything, [Barcelona] should in general have more to be quiet about then we do.

"The statements, if they came from [Andres] Iniesta, would annoy [Madrid]. From Pique? No! That's part of Pique's character. We're not going to change him at the age of 30. We have to enjoy him as a great footballer."

The match in Paris saw Spain triumph by two goals whilst getting two correct calls courtesy of video technology, with Pique joking that the decisions only came as La Roja were playing in Madrid’s customary white.

"The dressing room laughed at that," Ramos added.

"The white shirt looks better on him and he doesn't know how to react to that."

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