Rayo’s Zozulya ultimatum

Roman Zozulya has been given a deadline of Wednesday to join the club and if he does not, he may be in breach of his contract.

The Ukrainian striker signed a loan deal with the Vallecas-based at the end of the January transfer window from Real Betis but he was forced to leave the area as left-wing ultras from Rayo Vallecano accused him of support for far-right politics in his home country, which the striker vehemently denied.

Zozulya’s agent Jose Lorenzo explained how FIFA have given the case special compensation as the striker is unable to play for any other club this season after registering with the Segunda side.

"We have to be in Madrid because [Rayo president Raul Martin] Presa has not given us more time to remain in Seville," Lorenzo is quoted as saying by Marca.

"They have not told us a specific place [to go to] or an exact time. The window expires today.

"FIFA compensation? It was granted just a few days ago, we want the best solutions for the two sides but they have to allow us to work.

"We are not happy with the treatment that Rayo has given us – they could have done a lot more."

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