‘Las Palmas should be annoyed’

Eusebio Sacristan admits Las Palmas should be “very annoyed” by their 1-0 defeat to his Real Sociedad side on Friday.

Xabi Prieto’s goal 15 minutes from time decided the clash at Gran Canaria in La Real’s favour, but Eusebio acknowledged the islanders pushed hard in the second half and “forced” his team to step up.

“The first half was very tight, the second was less so and Las Palmas dominated, but Rulli was great,” the Coach said after the game.

“I understand Las Palmas will be very annoyed because they had a great match and had it in their hands.

“Still, we did a great job, which was forced by Las Palmas. We had to sacrifice ourselves and take advantage of any of the chances we had.

“We had a great team in front of us, with a lot of quality, very good technique and players that move a lot, who exchange positions.

“It’s difficult to control us, so what happened in the second half is to Las Palmas’ credit, who have the potential to be higher. We’re happy about the result.”

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