Lucho: Whistle me, not players

Luis Enrique says while “I understand the whistles at me, I don’t think whistling your own players makes sense” after Barcelona’s 2-1 victory over Leganes.

Lucho and his players were subjected to whistles by a section of Barca fans as the side laboured to a late win against the relegation-threatened minnows, with midfielder Andre Gomes particularly targeted when he was substituted.

“We thought it was going to be a complicated match, given what had happened in the Champions League,” he said after the match.

“The game started in the best way possible, but as the minutes went by, we lost confidence…

“They got counterattacks going, but I think we turned the game around in the last few minutes. [The win] came through a penalty, but given how we are, it was welcomed.

“The situation is clearly defined as what is and the difficulty of this game was there to be seen.

“If something was wrong [with us], this game was going to present difficulties. Marc Ter Stegen deserves a lot of credit for his participation.

“I’m left with the response of the team and fans. I know it’s difficult, but at the moment the players need affection, not whistles.

“I didn’t understand the whistles for Andre Gomes. I don’t think whistling your own players makes sense, but the fans can express their unhappiness in any way they can.

“What makes us stronger is that they support us and it bothers me about Andre.

“Whistles at me? I understand those, given I’m the coach, and after what happened in Paris, I’ll accept any criticism, but the players need help to be in the best shape. I don’t think it helps us.”

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