Enrique slams Barca ‘campaign’

Luis Enrique has slammed the Spanish Press for staging a hypocritical “campaign” against his Barcelona players.

Speaking at a Press conference for Barca’s clash with Athletic Bilbao on Saturday, Enrique claimed his players were being wrongly accused of dirtiness in their approach, despite the media suggesting they “threw themselves and were provocative” in the past.

“There’s evidence that our players are those who are the most fouled yet most punished, despite committing less fouls,” the Coach remarked.

“First there was a campaign that claimed my players threw themselves to the ground and were provocative.

“Many of the people in the media who started that campaign are now the ones claiming that these same players pick up too many cards.

“We must keep trying to put on a spectacle and play good football, but each to their own with their conscience.”

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