2018 set for La Liga video tech

The Spanish League expects to be using video referees in 2018 following recent controversy, according to its president Javier Tebas.

Tebas told local media that video refereeing will be implemented as soon as it's fully approved by FIFA, despite the league initially saying they wouldn’t comment on missing a goal for Barcelona at their 1-1 draw away at  Real Betis on Sunday.

"We have always defended the use of technology in soccer and in this case we believe that video referees is the most advanced option," Tebas said.

"The tests are already underway. I believe that beginning in July 2018, if FIFA approves it, we will start using it.

"This year there were three other similar cases and nobody said much about it, maybe people are making such a big deal this time because the ball went in by a big margin."

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