Voro: Copa not for Valencia…

Voro Gonzalez accepts the Copa del Rey is “no longer for Valencia” after their Celta Vigo humbling but insists his players are ready to “sacrifice themselves”.

Hundreds of Valencia fans called for President Peter Lim to leave the club outside Mestalla after their 4-1 defeat to Celta, and Voro admitted he could “understand” their frustrations, although he still believed Los Che had time to reverse their “brutal” situation.

“It’s a very hard result to take,” the caretaker said after the game.

“Evidently, the team are in the situation they’re in. With the absences we had today, if we conceded a goal in the first minute, the second from a rebound and that our opponents scored with their first three shots, it’s difficult to compete for the rest of the game.

“We’ve been penalised by circumstances in a grave way, dare I say tragic, and the team had to compete for 70 minutes in a very difficult situation. It never rains but pours. It’s unfortunate but also reality.

“The players had to compete in some brutal, adverse circumstances. This competition, even if there are miracles in football, is no longer for us.

“What’s clear is that the situation is difficult, but the only ones that can take us out are the players and the coaching staff.

“I know the club, the players, the situation and what’s facing us.

“I know it’s difficult to ask the fans to support us and understand that the players have tried and competed because ultimately it was a 1-4 and maybe my words have little defence, but that’s how I see it.

“Still, we have to get up again to work. We can’t postpone the games, we have to compete, the situation doesn’t give us any deadlines.

“I’m at the club’s disposal and they have complete confidence in me. What has to come will come, now I’m thinking about the club and reversing this situation.

“Everything you [journalists] have to talk about can be talked about, but I feel qualified to be able to help, along with the players, to move things forward.

“I have no doubts, despite this tough defeat. We’re near the relegation zone, but I’m optimistic.

“These players are going to sacrifice themselves and take this team out of this danger.

“Our situation is very complicated, but a lof of the season remains for us to reverse the situation.

“It’s not al smoke and mirrors, I’m really saying this because our squad can give more in terms of performance. The players aren’t the only ones accountable.”

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