Yeray diagnosed with cancer

Athletic Bilbao defender Yeray Alvarez will undergo surgery next week after being diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Athletic President Josu Urrutia and Dr Josean Lekue, head of the club’s medical services, broke the news at a Press conference on Friday afternoon.

“Yeray came to us with an unspecified discomfort in his right testicle a few days ago,” began Lekue.

“Yesterday, he underwent an ultrascan scan that alarmed us. This morning, we scheduled another series of tests and they showed he had a tumour that needed removing.

“We have to act quickly, while being always in agreement with the player and his family.

“The extent of his recovery and illness will depend on how the surgery goes and the parameters monitored.”

“The first impressions allow us to be cautiously optimistic. The player is well and his physical condition is good.

“He’s still in the process of letting the news sink in and accepting what he has.”

Urrutia added: “Everything went very quickly. He’s strong and calm, plus he’s showing maturity in such a difficult situation.

“He’s optimistic and so are we. We aren’t going to leave him alone and we’ll support him because it’s also our responsibility to maintain his levels of strength and calmness that he’s always showed.”

Yeray made his Athletic debut in September and has not looked back, the reported Barcelona target going on to make a further 16 appearances.

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