Messi: Barca more aggressive

Lionel Messi believes Barcelona are “more aggressive” with Luis Enrique as Coach than they were under Pep Guardiola.

Speaking to The Sun in a rare interview on Monday ahead of Barca’s trip to Manchester City in the Champions League 24 hours later, Messi told the English newspaper of the changes implemented by Enrique.

“In reality, the system of Barcelona is something that everyone knows,” he noted.

“I can say we are one of the few clubs that have it, but each boss has different things and applies them as he sees fit.

“We have not noticed massive changes but, yes, some — in that with Luis maybe now we are a bit more aggressive when we attack at speed, whilst with Pep we used counter-attacks less.

“There are several games when the team played in such a way that it was almost impossible for the opponents to do any damage to us. And it almost always happened in big matches.

“The final of the Champions League in Rome was one of those games when the team played the perfect match.

“In any massive game when you score a goal, the joy of the people, your people, the supporters, and particularly our own fans, you can only enjoy those moments right there and then — and not beyond.”

Messi then compared City striker and Argentina teammate Sergio Aguero to his Barca strike partner Luis Suarez and explained what Neymar and Andres Iniesta brought to the Catalans.

“Kun is a very simple and easy-going person, a great lad and, as a striker, one of the best. As is Luis,” he added.

“They are different but, if you want to look at it like that, either of them can decide a game. They are both very decisive.

“City are a great team. They have always been a great team each year we have faced them but now, by having Pep, they will grow more through his work.

“We are a group and we work together to win. There is no egotism in anyone in this squad.

“We always try to enjoy playing together and a goal also gives you confidence, so we always try to enjoy it together when we have a game under control.

“Ney is also a person who is very close to us and who we admire a lot. He has such a joyful character. We all get on very well together.

“I’m not obsessive, but I work for what I am, which is a football player, and my objective is to win titles with my team each weekend.

“The same goes for the national team, although we’ve not yet been able to win a big one.

“Missing Andres is something you always notice as far as I can tell — for how he is as a player and what he creates on the field of play.

“But we are in good shape and we are coming very confident.”

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