Enrique: Barca don’t kick rivals…

Luis Enrique has hit back at accusations that Barcelona play-acted against Valencia. “Our values are playing good football, not kicking opponents.”

La Liga chief Javier Tebas branded Barca’s players “embarrassing” for their antics in going down after a bottle was thrown their way just before the final whistle at Mestalla last weekend, but Enrique appeared to respond by insinuating Los Che were overly aggressive in their approach.

“With our squad, we can handle any situation,” the Coach said at a Press conference ahead of Saturday’s match against Granada.

“Pouring oil on the fire doesn’t benefit us. Barca’s values are playing good football, not kicking opponents.

“Every season, we see the least cards, we’ve always received the Fair Play award.

“All games are traps, but if any team are prepared to adapt, it’s Barca.

“The only thing missing from Alcacer’s game is the ball crossing the goal line.

“Tell me a team that don’t have injuries and one that play as many matches as Barca.

“We’re the reigning champions and our only marked objective is winning [trophies] at the end of season.

“Marlon? I don’t like talking about individuals and less so about youngsters. If I focus on him, it wouldn’t do him any favours.

“Seeing someone win always causes discomfort. Guardiola will win trophies, that’s certain, and he will by playing good football.”

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