Monchi: ‘I’d like to live in Rome or Paris…’

Sevilla sporting director Monchi has once more renewed doubts about his future at the club by stating he would like to live abroad again.

The 48-year-old made headlines this summer by confirming to the club that he wished to move on and seek a new challenge, a decision which he eventually reversed when Sevilla told him that he would only be allowed to leave if a rival bought out his contract.

"I lived in London for five months and it's a city I like a lot, but the two countries that really appeal to me are France and Italy," explained the infamous transfer-guru on Canal Sur Radio.

"These are countries which are important in terms of culture and history, whilst it's the cities of Paris and Rome that appeal especially to me – I have been there on occasions before, but I would love to live there one day.

"I am tired but I love my work – I suppose I have created a monster and I'm not able to disconnect…working for 16 years one generates ambitions, anxieties and responsibilities that are difficult to remove.

"We have been a rebellion against power and showing that big clubs which have all the economic power do not always win."

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