Nolito: Albania defended with 11 men

Nolito has explained that Albania were so difficult to break down as they defended with all their players in Sunday's match against Spain in Shkoder.

The Manchester City forward netted the second goal in a hard-fought victory which brought Spain to the top of the group, but it took Spain 55 minutes to find a breakthrough before Nolito added a second only six minutes after coming on as a substitute.

"With 11 men sitting deep, it's not at all easy, but we were up to the task and the victory is good for us," Nolito told TVE after the match.

"Albania has a good team and their players understand their game.

"A lot of teams will shut up shop against us, but we have to take them on with our philosophy.

“The pitch wasn't the best.

“Ramos' injury is a shame and I hope it will be as minor as possible."

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